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Simplifying your infrastructure by consolidating onto iSeries

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Logicalis has worked with many customers to consolidate servers and storage. We also have extensive experience of database, middleware and application consolidation across multiple source and target platforms. Such initiatives add flexibility, improve reliability and manageability, and reduce costs. They often enable deployment of a high availability infrastructure.


Some example projects include:

  • Secure consolidation of line-of-business, Domino and Web production servers for Domestic and General
  • Consolidation of Europe-wide Windows-based Domino deployment to a central iSeries for Parker Hannifin
  • Centralisation of diverse ERP environments from multiple branch offices to Head Office for Sara Lee Courtaulds
  • Consolidation of multiple complex branch office applications to a centralised highly available infrastructure for St Regis Paper


Presentation on considering consolidation and new workloads on iSeries

Presentation on practical considerations with iSeries server consolidation

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